Gameboy Emulator

Note: I know this is already shown on discord, but I will post a copy here.

I am developing a Gameboy Emulator in C3.
It is usable, and some games run completely fine, even saving the progress.
However, no sound is provided and it is still heavely WIP.

Also I have some demos using the built-in debugger:

Video playing Pokemon Red and modifying the memory

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Are there any recent updates to it?

I have some small improvements, but I was not able to spend time on it yet :frowning:

Also, I have spent so much time trying to have sound… but it does not work correctly.

What I added are a fixes that make more roms to run and load/save game.

I got some free time yesterday and today and I got some things working…

I have a beta version of Audio.
Also Audio and Video are now in their respective threads :smiley:

Demo is available here: