C3 0.5.4 Released

Changes / improvements

  • Hash variables may now take a designated initializer.
  • Added @safemacro to override the @ requirement for non-function-like macros.
  • More information available with debug log in non debug builds.
  • Removed install_win_reqs.bat which didn’t work well.
  • Support ** to mean ./**
  • MacOS init/finalizer now respects priority.
  • Bitstructs supports != and ==.
  • Support Windows .def files using --windef.
  • Bitstructs now fold compile time constant bit ops.
  • Fix issue where in some cases a constant global with a string wasn’t folded (e.g. in asm stmts)
  • Lateral implicit imports removed.
  • Default to ‘.’ if no libdir is specified.
  • Improved error messages for --lib.
  • Added --linker to set the linker #1067.


  • Fixes to macro context evaluation with macro varargs.
  • Dynamic methods registered before init functions on MacOS.
  • Fixed clobber on x86 cpuid instruction.
  • Removed invalid syntax from grammar.y.
  • output project setting now respected.
  • Aliased declarations caused errors when used in initializers.
  • Aliased consts used as constant initializers caused errors.
  • Exported module names replace :: by _.
  • Const ternary would evaluate incorrectly for ?:
  • $$MODULE would report the incorrect module name in macros.
  • Fixed debug info for globals and for/switch scopes.
  • out now correctly detects subscript use.
  • Ambiguous recursive imports are now correctly detected.
  • Overzealous local escape check corrected #1127.
  • Fixes to the matrix functions #1130.

Stdlib changes

  • Deprecated Allocator helper functions.
  • Added mem::allocator functions corresponding to removed allocator functions.
  • Changed mem::new / mem::temp_new to accept an optional initializer, and will clear by default.
  • Mem _clear and _zero variants deprecated. “new_*” functions will clear by default.
  • Mem “alloc_" functions replace old "new_” behaviour.
  • Fixed temp memory issue with formatter.
  • Added temp_push and temp_pop for pushing / popping the temp allocator manually (or from C).
  • Added byte_size to List
  • Added GenericList.

0.5 has feature stability guarantees, so any code written for 0.5.0 - 0.5.3 will work on 0.5.4.

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