C3 0.5.5 Released

A belated announcement here:

Changes / improvements

  • Disallow multiple _ in a row in digits, e.g. 1__000.
  • Added @link attribute.
  • New ‘linker’ build option.
  • “linker” project setting updated, “system-linker” removed.


  • Struct/union members now correctly rejects members without storage size #1147.
  • math::pow will now correctly promote integer arguments.
  • Pointer difference would fail where alignment != size (structs etc) #1150
  • Fixed array calculation for npot2 vectors.
  • $memcpy_inline and $memset_inline fixed.
  • .$Type = ... and .$foo = ... now works #1156.
  • int.min incorrect behaviour #1154.
  • Bitstruct cast to other bitstruct by way of underlying type would fail #1159.
  • Bug in time.add_seconds #1162.
  • Remove initial ‘./’ in Win32 paths when running a binary.
  • ‘output’ directory for projects was incorrect in templates.
  • Regression: no stacktrace.
  • For MacOS, running with higher optimization would crash as initializers were removed.
  • compile-run and run now returns the proper return code.
  • Allow String constants → ichar*, and allow integer pointers to explicitly convert between unsigned signed.
  • Bug in unaligned return value lowering for Aarch64.

Stdlib changes

  • Added new_aligned and alloc_aligned functions to prevent accidental under-alignment when allocating simd.
  • Fixes to realloc of aligned allocations
  • Use native Windows calls on aligned allocations on Windows.
  • mem::copy_inline, mem::clear_inline and mem::set_inline added.
  • mem::copy / clear / set no longer has an $inline attribute.
  • Native aligned libc malloc on Windows & POSIX.
  • Simplification of the allocator interface.
  • CoreFoundation only linked on MacOS when used.

0.5 has feature stability guarantees, so code written for 0.5.0-0.5.4 will work with 0.5.5.